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Be aware of 5 common skin diseases in winter »SpringNews

The Medical Services Department recommends that when entering winter weather changes affect skin health. Making people with skin diseases worsen or get better. It should be noted that skin and skin care are the right way to help skin throughout the winter.

Skin care in winter

Thailand is now entering winter. The temperature starts to fall, making it cold and dry. Skin care for moisturizing. The secret is simple.

– Don't take a shower too warm.
– Use mild soap.
– Apply regular cream.
– Choose skin care products that are suitable for the skin, such as dry skin. Important before leaving home.
– Always apply sunscreen. To protect the skin from the sun with cold wind.

5 common skin diseases in winter

1. Dermatitis due to dry skin. Can cause a rash. This is found in young children with sensitive skin, parents are caused by dry skin, sensitive to water, soap, or chemicals, so don't take a shower too warm. Use a cleanser that does not dry the skin after bathing.

2. Irritable skin rash. There are many symptoms at hand. Especially in homeworkers. There will be a red rash. Dry hands Precautions can be taken by wearing protective gloves. Avoid contact with chemicals. Even touch the water directly. And cream must be used frequently.

3. Skin allergies in dermatitisCauses dry skin, rashes, itching, relieves it, and some children do not bathe in cold weather. Bacteria on the skin increase. One of the causes of recurrence. Skin care in children emphasizes the use of cream. No need to buy soap that inhibits bacteria. This can cause irritation, itching.

4. Original disease. Lymph node rash There is a scaly rash on the cheekbones, nasal congestion, nasal congestion, which is greatly aggravated during changes in sleep, sleep, rest, drinking, alcohol, treatment must modify behavior and use soft products on the skin along with cream. And see a doctor's appointment.

5. The group of viruses is very widespread in winter. For example, fever, fever and blisters or measles, found in children with high fever, coughing, redness and rash. This virus can be transmitted by the respiratory tract.

Source: Dermatology Institute Medical Services Department

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