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AIS Fiber Joins Nokia with the First Wi-Fi Mesh Launch for Home Use in Thailand.

AIS Fiber is the world's first provider of Wi-Fi networks. With solutions from Nokia, AIS Fiber customers will be able to use high-speed broadband. (ultra-broadband) with a clear signal. AIS Fiber customers will qualify for the exclusive Nokia Duo-Pack Nokia WiFi Beacon 3, which is part of the High Speed ​​Broadband AIS Fiber Premium package.

  • AIS Fiber is the first Wi-Fi Mesh provider in the world with a solution from Nokia.
  • AIS Fiber customers will be able to use high speed broadband. (ultra-broadband) with a clear signal. Covered from all corners of the house.
  • AIS Fiber customers will qualify for the exclusive Nokia WiFi Beacon 3 Nokia Duo-Pack package, which is part of the High Speed ​​Broadband AIS Fiber Premium package.

Sornipol Lohum (far left), Director of Fixed Broadband Solutions, Advanced Information Public Services Limited (AIS), and Mr. Frederik Kiwalen (right), President of Nokia's fixed-line network. Sebastian Loheng (center), Director of Nokia Thailand Launches First Mesh Wi-Fi for Home Use in Thailand

AIS Fiber, a High Speed ​​Broadband Internet Provider in Thailand and Nokia, has developed a new high-speed broadband premium service for AIS Fiber customers, which enables customers to access broadband Wi-Fi smoothly. AIS Fiber customers will be eligible to buy a Nokia WiFi Beacon 3 Duo-Pack at a discounted price. Once installed, the connected Wi-Fi network will be distributed. The whole house is fast-paced, increasing reach and high-speed broadband performance. (ultra-broadband) significantly.

The performance of Wi-Fi networks that cover all homes is often affected, such as reduced speed or unstable signals. Number of connected devices that the network needs to handle and potential interference from equipment such as a microwave oven or the nearest Wi-Fi network Providing sufficient Wi-Fi coverage to a customer's home is a challenge, and in many cases, several access points need to be installed to reduce signal strength. This might be because the signal is lost due to internal walls or interference.

Nokia's award-winning design, from the iF Design Foundation, eliminates common network problems at home and allows AIS Fiber customers to use a connected Wi-Fi network. Full performance It's also easy to install. Nokia WiFi Beacon 3 is designed to detect sources of interference, both Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi. Up to 100%, then automatically connects the device to the strongest channel to ensure that customers are seamlessly connected. This software and data analysis function equipped with Nokia WiFi Beacon 3 can fix problems automatically. Reducing the need for customers to manage their networks manually for maximum performance. As a result, customers have a better Wi-Fi experience in their homes.

Nokia WiFi Beacon 3

After AIS Fiber customers get their Nokia WiFi Beacon 3 device, customers can quickly install it themselves. Simply download the application to your mobile and follow the recommended settings. When the installation is complete. Customers can use the mobile application to view visual information, display a heat map to identify and manipulate points easily. In addition, customers can access a list of connected devices and create a guest network and set the security level. Want fast

Said Ben-Felfen, Chief Research Officer, Diffraction Analysis. Most broadband brands do not provide or manage Wi-Fi networks in their homes. In many cases, high-speed broadband performance is sent to the home. Can be reduced to noise. With the Nokia Wi-Fi network, the Nokia Wi-Fi solution allows users to enjoy better Wi-Fi by creating a mesh network that eliminates stubborn points and improves performance smoothly. Users can use high-speed broadband from every corner of the house, regardless of the device they use. "

Sornipol Loopoj, Director of Broadband Fixed Income, Advanced Information Services for Limited Public Companies or AIS

Sorniphol Lohoo, Director of Broadband Modification Business, Advanced Info Public Services Limited Company (AIS), said "AIS Fiber, as a leader in innovation in High-Speed ​​Broadband Internet Countries. We strive to innovate, develop technology, and lead trends. continued home network This is the pioneer of internet services, the first original optical fiber in Thailand, Dual Band Router is also the first AIS Fiber strengthens its position as an Innovative Leader by partnering with global partners, Nokia works in depth to learn and test WiFi Mesh devices for Thailand market To improve the customer experience to the next, together, they launch exclusive new products, Be the first in the world with "WiFi WiFi Beacon 3" Premium Accessories to become a new choice for customers. all areas of the house "

Federico Guillen, head of Nokia's network solutions.

"Nokia's Wi-Fi solution responds to customer needs for better Wi-Fi performance than before," said Frederic Guillaine, president of Nokia's fixed telephone network. Come before At the same time, operators provide tools that empower them to solve problems quickly and keep customer service running smoothly. We are pleased to be working with AIS Fiber to create a unique experience in the Wi-Fi network of AIS Fiber customers' homes. Of course, customers will experience Broadband. Very high speed, better no doubt. From all angles inside the house really. "

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