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4 teams missing! & # 39; King Power Cup & # 39; Eastern Day Two

Battle of & # 39; King Power Cup & # 39; 2018 3 Western Conference Qualification Field Finished the match on the second day. It turns out that there are now 4 schools that have been eliminated.

"King Power Cup 2018" Qualifying football match in the Eastern Conference on the first day at Rayong Stadium. The 10 best young people to join the 4th edition of the "Fox Hunt" youth program to practice professional soccer skills. At Leicester City, England for two and a half years, on November 27, 2018, there were four matches.

The first pair of Om (the municipality) meets Rajawinit Bangkaew (Gray), only 8 minutes, Rajawinit Bangkaew. The door was quickly led by Thaweesak Buasdee, 42 minutes into the second from Taweesak Bua De's free kick to open the ball to Thanawat Chan Peng, the team captain struck Rajawin Bangkaew's run into a 2-0 52 minutes. Several miracles from the corner kick left the door by Thun Narisapan Wong to open the door and was the captain of the new team, Thanpawan. I have to overcome it again. Rajivinit Bangkaew led the municipality to cut 3-0 to complete the match, Rajawin Bangkaew beating 3-0 bypass by Tad Pak Noi. Have fun. We have to win the last match with a rose in Pathum Thani tomorrow.

King Power Cup 2018 (East Indies Day Two)

The second game starts at school. Samut Sakhon (Green). Meet with Assumption Sriracha (Red) for only 2 minutes. The dictator Kaew Mani attacked the Assumption of Sriracha. 3 people and beaten correctly full Goalkeeper rounded the ball to the team to lead 1-0 at 11am. Sriracha Assumption. The second door, Chanont Thongdee left the left side before the ball to the ball into the magic Puttapong to overcome full. The team led 2-0 minutes on 20 Assumptions of Sriracha. The ball opened from behind the dictator to the glass Mani shot his second goal. From knock down goalkeeper ball. Chalerm Phrakiat Samut Sakhon Take a 3-0 lead on 28 minutes. Assumption of Sriracha. Penalty penalty from a penalty kick in the penalty area in the penalty area. And it lifted. Did Hattric's third gate reach a 4-0 lead in the 53rd minute of Chalerm Prachachat Samut Sakorn. Doors to beat eggs to teams from strokes Red flags turn the ball facing the door and use the ball to hit the ball into the second. The team is chasing 1-4 minutes at 59 Assumption of Sriracha. The door was taken from the ball to a beautiful shot from United's support to lead to 1-5 in the 61st minute, Patipong Chang Chang had dropped the ball and gone from the keeper. The shot was taken on 1-6 minutes on 68 Chalerm Phrakiat Samut Sakorn. Get a free kick from Apicharee Meechai's free kick and double the ball past Sotaporn Kongwut. Sriracha Assumption College Get the ball to make the ball to the door 2-6 minutes at 70 + 1 Dame Kaca Mani shot the door to the fourth door and to the end of the game with a score of 2-7, resulting in Samut Sakorn. Removed

King Power Cup 2018 (East Indies Day Two)

3rd Couple Rayong Wittayakom (Gray) meets Ang Sila Pittayakhom School (Navy) starting the game 12 minutes from a corner kick. Rayong Paknam Wisdom is the road to Kitti. Help the team lead 1-0 before the first half. Both sides put the game together by placing the ball from behind. But still could not do anything else Half of the University Rayong Wittayakorn first came out of Angthong Pittayakham 1-0. Starting the game in the second round 39 minutes Ang Sika Phi. The goal from the rhythm of Anat Sri Sri fell from the trap, led the ball to pounce on the door and beat right. The ball lost two matches to get 1-1. Then the game began to increase. When both teams open matches against each other. But I still can't score. End the game with a 1-1 draw to win the match immediately. And that is right. Ang Thong Better beat the penalty spot 1-3 for the score 1-4 in Rayong Wisdom Paknam. Eliminated as the third team

King Power Cup 2018 (East Indies Day Two)

The last few days of the match began, Suvarnabhumi (Suwannaphum) meeting with Taksin Middle School, Rayong (Navy), 21 minutes, Taksin, Rayong. Door up Suvarnabhumi The error of quarterback and niece teaches a simple shot. And at the end of the first round. Taksin Middle School, Rayong has the opportunity to escape the rhythm of the second sword. But the line manager raised the flag for offside. The second half was only 3 minutes, Shitapat Kaew ball to the left. Before cutting the ball and playing Phuvanat Pho Ngam's hand to middle school Taksin Rayong 2-0 59 minutes Suvarnabhumi. The ball is set on the right side of the ball with the ball to open the door and Thierry Homketsbug removes the goalkeeper going hand in hand. International Egg Catcher Suvarnabhumi, Taksin, Rayong 1-2 minutes 64 Central Taksin, Rayong Extinguishes Suvarnabhumi Airport Suvarnabhumi Airport Hopes into the triangle slot for Taksin secondary school, Rayong to escape 3-1 and the door to victory from Nawapan Teach in the 66th minute to complete the match Taksin Rayong defeated Suvarnabhumi and Suvarnabhumi 4-2. Eliminated as team 4

Results of the match in 1 Om Noi municipality 0-3 Ratchawinit Bangkaew Hospital on the 2nd floor, Chalermprakiat University, Samut Sakhon 2-7 Sriracha Assumption Hospital in Rayong Wisdom Paknam 3. 1-1 (1-4) Ang Sila Phutthakhom Hospital in Schools Middle 4 Rajawinit Suvarnabhumi 1-4, Taksin, Rayong

King Power Cup 2018 (Eastern Day Two)

The competition is held on November 29, 2018.

At 1 pm, Rajawinit Bangkaew met with Suan Kularbwittaya (Pathum Thani) School

The second time at 11:30 am Sriracha Assumption, Met with Suan Kularbarn Hospital.

At 3 p.m. at Ang Sila Pittayakhom School

At 4:30 a.m., Taksin High School, Rayong met with the Phisanitwittayakom School.

The 2018 King Power Cup (National Final) will be held at SCG Muang Thong United, Nonthaburi for February 10-17, 2062. Will compete at the Supachalasai Stadium, Bangkok, February 17, 2019.

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