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Royal House launched the "Royale House Eleven" business property development project. Experience a home builder with more than 30 years of experience building the first "Cocoon Rama 9" condo quality project at good price access. Get real-estate requests at the new home market, Grand Home Mart – Osmanica House.


Mr. Managing Director of Royal House Eleven Co., Ltd. revealed that it had established Royal House Eleven with the slogan "The Balanced Living" to develop the property development business. Opportunities and Challenges in Overcoming Consumer Life

"Many people might know Roy House. But actually, House Royale has experienced a lot of housing development for many projects. The Royal Tower 3, Inthamara 25, Green Peace Mansion Pradiphat Soi 7, Royal Kamala Phuket," Koson said.

Today we are adding new challenges. And opportunities for yourself by establishing a new company. Add segments and options to help solve consumer housing problems. With its core strengths it is control of construction or construction management itself through more than 30 years of experience in a home business. And housing construction To ensure that the Royal House Eleven project has exceptional quality and standards.

The company started with the development of the first brand condominium with the name "Cocoon" (Cocoon), which refers to the pupa. This means that consumers can return to their "Fill Pod" and their puppies. The atmosphere of the project is peaceful, warm and personal, helping to nourish the inhabitants of pupa and butterflies. Consistent with the concept. "Life Balance Refills"

Rama 9 Cocoon Project

Mr Kosol said that the company is currently developing the first project under the name "Cocoon Rama 9", located close to the Nine Rama 9 Hospital, Samitivej Srinakarin Toll Road, Sri Rat Athletic Railroad Station, Sri Atletik Yellow Rail Station and Huamark Airport Link. Focus on developing premium quality projects. At affordable prices In response to real demand in the area such as doctors – nurses in hospitals. Education and department office workers. For those who work at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

"We designed the project to focus on nature. The material is wood, but it is still fashionable and high quality so that consumers can live in projects that are price sensitive. Starting from only 1.69 million baht or an average of 70,000 baht per square meter, but material and the quality is above the price, "said Kosol.

In addition, to provide citizen experience. Special Life The company has joined leading brands in various fields. In developing and decorating projects, the company has joined the company. Grand Home Mart Co., Ltd. introducing Grand Home furniture and a new built-in kitchen kit from Le Krua.

At the same time, Reed Diffuser from the Sri Rita Jensen House was created to create a unique olfactory experience for the project. In addition, Reed Diffuser will be distributed to project customers during the signing day.

Sample Room for the Rama 9 Cocoon Project

Cocoon Rama 9 is located in 1 storey 57 sq. Ft. Plot of land on Rama 9 Road, Soi 59, worth Baht 305 million. The 8-storey building consists of 146 units, consisting of 1-bedroom and 5-bedroom units ranging from 26- 44 sq.m. This project includes complete facilities such as a swimming pool, fitness room, shared workspace, expected to be built in Q2 / The VIP DAY on November 17-18 2018. This is the project sales office. At the mouth of Soi Rama IX 57/2. You can register first or see more details.

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