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Zhang Guofan obtained the A321 license to fly the first star flight – Finance – Business

Xingyu Airlines Chairman Zhang Guofan has obtained the A321Neo Zhengji company's first passenger aircraft license. On the 12th of this month, the company's Facebook fan page revealed that in October, Zhang Guofan personally went to the first new machine in the German drive company Hamburg to return to Taiwan . When Xingyu officially debuted in the second half of next month, whether Zhang Guofan personally drove the first flight, the company's head of public relations Nie Guowei said that K Dong was very busy on the first flight and would lead his first cruise on both sides.

Xingyu Airlines has signed to lease 10 A321Neo passenger aircraft, and will arrange to start shipping in October this year. In March this year, he will sign 17 other A350XWB wide-body passenger aircraft, plus 10 options. It is expected to start shipping by the end of 2021. Zhang Guofan, who already has Zhengji's Boeing 777 license, has long predicted that he would find time to get an A321Neo pilot license. Nie Guowei revealed that Zhang Guozhen was in China to do training work through simulators.

The senior Civil Aviation Administration official explained that Zhang Guofan needed to have initial operating experience after obtaining a license. He needed an instructor to accompany him during the flight. According to the original flight qualifications, 15 to 20 falls can be released from the instructor.

As for the model section, after delivery, the fourth stage of the five-stage certification is complete, and the actual flight test begins. At least 50 hours from the actual flight test, at least ten hours is a night flight, and the test period may vary. When the pilot is driving, the auditor from the CAAC standard group will provide various instructions and conduct simulation exercises during day and night flights. After passing the test, he will enter the fifth stage of the certification job and get a certificate before starting passenger operations. The next simultaneous machine only needs to be explained in the fifth stage.

The official pointed out that Xingyu Airlines is a new airline. It is estimated that three to five leading instructors must be hired to fly with company pilots. The first three aircraft are estimated to require 30 to 40 pilots.


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