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The number of diplomatic relations is the wrong proposition, Red, blue and green are no longer detrimental to themselves.

In Taiwan, the Republic of China (Taiwan China) lost three state diplomatic relations in six months. Compared with some remorse from terminating diplomatic relations, the author is more concerned about the internal friction that is lost from "state exchanges", because the realization of the longing for good people to live is a "good system", not the number of diplomatic relations. President Cai said: "The destruction of diplomatic relations on behalf of the Republic of China (Taiwan) is to challenge our general bottom line!" The author asks: If the country becomes zero, will the government lead the people? Sun Yat-sen founded the Republic of China in 1912. In 1913, he established diplomatic relations and made three diplomatic breaks: in 1949, "the People's Republic of China" (Mainland China) was established, and the first wave of diplomatic relations broke out, in 1971 , The United Nations' "China Chair" was replaced by mainland China. The Republic of China (Taiwan China) is forced to retreat and break other waves (such as Japan, the United States, etc.), Taiwan China has been rotated three times since 2000, and the number of diplomatic relations is low and low, and has been strongly influenced by cross-strait policy Mainland China. . Since 1949, the governments of both parties have held a zero-sum relationship "You don't have me" in the international community, mainland China has more than one country, and Taiwan and China must be reduced by one. Therefore, we should have long understood the fact that "diplomatic relations cannot be separated from cross-strait relations." More importantly, we must first understand the importance of "state diplomatic relations" and must first define the ultimate goal of cross-strait relations. In fact, El Salvador wanted to establish diplomatic relations with Beijing in 2010. It was reported that at that time, because both parties had a basis of "92 consensus" (that is, tables in the first and middle parts), mainland China refused to allow the country. It can be seen that: 1. Saskatchewan has deliberately changed objects to establish diplomatic relations, and how many of my remaining 17 states cannot change their position? 2. Recognize whether the consensus of 1992 or not will affect my diplomatic status. The importance of diplomatic relations with mainland China is: AIA recognizes that mainland China is "the only legitimate Chinese government" and indirectly undermines the international status of Taiwan and China. In Taiwan, China is: "Traditional relations" under traditional international law. ..


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