The new iPad Pro hardness test: painting is easy to cut, there is no attempt to bend – Technology News – Sina News Center


? ? Compared to the previous generation, the new iPad Pro has changed a lot. The only disadvantage in appearance might be a raised rear camera. There are foreign actors. "JerryRig All of them have targeted the protagonist of this work to the newly released iPad Pro. Let's see.

? ? Violence with iPad Pro violence:

? ? Although the tablet's internal enhancement is very strong, its performance even exceeds most notebooks on the market. After all, we have to use it, daily shocks and losses cannot be avoided, so how much damage can it bear?

? ? From the test results, the performance of the iPad Pro is fragile, surgical paintings can be easily scratched, smooth backs are also easy to produce scratches that are difficult to repair, the most critical are very thin. Volume, under the strength of both hands, is very easy to bend and destroy. Even the $ 999 Apple Pencil is very fragile.

? ? Video screen:


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