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During the Spring Festival, you can go abroad and see it, It's fun to relax with family and enjoy the view. In recent years, the country that Chinese people like is Japan's first choice. Many parents feel that the Japanese environment is clean and clean. There should be no need to worry about infectious diseases. However, the latest epidemic in Japan, which was announced on December 28 last year by the World Health Organization, is every week. Nearly 100 to 200 newly infected cases of German measles, especially in Tokyo, are the most serious. Parents interested in bringing children to Japan in the near future are encouraged to vaccinate two weeks before going abroad to prevent children from contracting measles. German.

The doctor from the Pediatric Department of the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Branch Hsinchu, said that the infection of the German measles virus was caused by drip infections or direct contact with patients. A good hair season is in late winter and early spring. This virus is very contagious and can cause fever, respiratory symptoms, swollen lymph nodes and a systemic rash after infection. There is an incubation period 2 to 3 weeks after infection with the German measles virus. The above symptoms will only occur after the incubation period. Children often experience a rash due to fever, but if your child has recently traveled to Japan, there may be a history of contact with the disease. If you need to be careful about whether you suffer from German measles.

Dr. Chen pointed out that German measles is the second type of legal infectious disease. Since 1992, there has been no pandemic outbreak. The main prevention method is vaccination. There is a mixture of measles, measles and German mumps. This vaccine can be vaccinated. However, vaccination time is for children over one year, because infants under one year have not been vaccinated, there is no resistance to the German measles virus. If you need to travel to an epidemic area, more than six months are recommended to be less than one year old children can receive self-funded MMR vaccinations at the hospital two weeks before leaving the country, and they can get protection earlier in two weeks. It should be noted that if the MMR vaccine is vaccinated at its own expense before the age of one year, it is recommended that you continue to apply the MMR vaccine after the vaccination period after one year of age.

In addition to early vaccinations that are less than one year old, parents born after 1981 may not be infected or vaccinated as children, and antibodies can decrease with age, and there is not enough protection for the German measles virus. The department also recommends that you consider taking a dose of MMR vaccine at your own expense to protect yourself and protect your family from carrying the German measles virus back to Taiwan.

Chen Yinian said that if parents want to take children from six months to less than one year to Japan, it is advisable to go to the hospital to pay for the MMR vaccine at the hospital two weeks ago. After one year of age, the original vaccination schedule will be completed. In addition, parents born after 1981 may not have sufficient viral resistance, and are also encouraged to vaccinate at their own expense to avoid infection.


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