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South Korea Yu 14 years ago died in a car accident Xu Shuhua: has reconciled with family members | 9-in-1 election campaign | NOWnews Today News

South Korea Yu received a large number of media interviews in Taipei. (Photo / Reporter Chen Ming's, 2018.11.28)
Kaohsiung The Mayor of Kaohsiung was chosen for Korea Yu. (Photo / reporter Chen Ming's)

The mayor of Kaohsiung was chosen as a popular Korean fan, but a car accident lawsuit 14 years ago was also reversed by the media, Xu Shuhua, spokesman for the South Korean campaign headquarters, said today (29) that car accident cases had been settled with family members of 4.5 million . South Korea Yu also made in-depth reviews of this.

According to an assessment published by the weekly magazine, at 10:50 a.m. on 3 January 2004, South Korean Yu who was driving his wife, Li Jiafen, ran to Xinshe Road and Xingnongxi Road, Xiluo City, Yunlin County, and ran towards Huang without permission. Heavy riding machines caused the man in the back seat to suffer from intracranial bleeding and died in rescue for 8 days.

The media asked the deceased family members to complain that South Korea Yu did not come to the deceased before the incense spirit, Xu Shuhua said that after confirmation to South Korea Yu, South Korea Yu confirmed that the deceased was before the musk spirit, but not disclosing to the family could be separated Xu Shuhua said that Yu South Korea had hoped twice to visit his family, but he was rejected by his family. He was able to understand his family's feelings as a representative of public opinion.

Xu Shuhua said that an unfortunate accident in a car accident occurred 15 years ago. South Korea Yu also knows that everything that happens in life will be examined after the election. However, Yu South Korea is very sad about this past event, and he is also calm about the accident. He said that South Korea Yu did not drive without a license, nor did he avoid responsibility. Other parties were unlicensed and drunk. In the end, there is always a tragedy. Therefore, now they do not want to say who is right or wrong. The court also sentenced him to two years. At the same time, with 4.5 million reconciliations with family members, Yudu Korea has conducted a very in-depth review of court sentences and legal responsibilities. We just don't want to revisit the last ten years of family members.

On the night before the election, Chen Qimai's camp would attack Yu South Korea in this car accident. Xu Shuhua said that before the election, he really knew that someone had to carry out this problem. He stressed that South Korea Yu did not interfere and did not avoid responsibility legal answer. Campaign Chen Chen Qimai issued a statement the night before the election to clarify the rumor. Xu Shuhua was also very sure about this. Chen Qimai did not use information provided by the Democratic Progressive Party to him, and used disparaging statements to avoid spilling salt on the wounds of the deceased's family. Very sure.

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