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Taiwanese Beer Beer Wang Jiji, Jiang Yu, Liyuan Qiangsen, Kyle, Jianhao. (Photo / Basketball Association provides)

▲ Mcband believes that Kyle has become a ghost in the team's lethargy. (Photo / Basketball Association provides)

Reporter Du Yujun / Taipei Report

After a 10-point lead, the defending force was defeated by Taiwan beer in the second round on the 18th, and finally lost 7 points. After the match, head coach Mai Banda bluntly said, "The outside world believes that Kyle's low score is the key, but he is more like a ghost. In this battle, he is still the player's rebounding team and the highest assist. We are looking for him to move the team. But it's clear that some people haven't been expelled. "

In the third straight game, the score did not reach double digits, although Gilbert center Kyle only scored 5 points in the match, he still had 10 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 resistance.

Head coach Mai Banda thought, "Now everyone blames Kyle, but that is not his responsibility. If you are in a bad situation, you will think of blaming him. He is a ghost, I will not blame him. Kyle still has the most rebounds and assists "He doesn't rely on him to score here, we rely on him, but some people aren't encouraged at all."

After losing the game, the winning percentage dropped to 50%. Now 9 wins and 10 losses are only ranked 6th in the regular season. This season's ups and downs are still the same. The way to find stability is also the biggest problem in the eyes of the defense forces.

▲ Jinjiu Zuolan, Yu Huanya, Chen Wenhong, Li Yuan Kyle, Mai Banda. (Photo / Basketball Association provides)

▲ Gion Kelly scored less than two digits in 3 matches. (Photo / Basketball Association provides)

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