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Congratulations to South Korea, Yu as mayor of Kaohsiung, and promised friends to jump in love! (Shadow / Crazy Bear YouTube)
I promised to jump into love in Hanoi, and after jumping, I also joked, "The next thing is to wait for the world to jump." (Photo / flip from Crazy Bear YouTube)

The 9-in-1 election ended, Kaohsiung Mayor Kwong Yu succeeded in turning Kaohsiung over and turning Kaohsiung Greenland into a blue sky. Since the election, several netizens threw out "victim articles." Recently, the nickname "Crazy Bear" said that he would respect his essay and lead in making love films. After jumping, he joked, "The next thing is to wait for the world to jump," and the film made many people laugh. Turn it over.

Korean fan Yu, nicknamed "Crazy Bear", made a slogan on Facebook before the election. If South Korea Yu is elected, he will fall in love. Recently, he shared his promised films on Facebook Society and YouTube. On the 25th, "Crazy Bear" wore wetsuits at only 20 degrees in Kaohsiung. In the presence of 12 friends and tourists, he jumped to love in the river, but did not expect to find love after the landing. The next layer of oil, does not break, "" The whole body becomes super smelly, there is a layer of oil in the body, and there is no need to go home and wash it for 3 times. "

When the film came out, immediately attracted many netizens to watch it, they also laughed and said, "Real men, when it comes to doing it," "Why are things stupid, the water is really dirty?" There are still many people busy spewing out Wang Shijian. "It's not like someone can't jump." "Chaiji is not hiding, dare to say that he dared to do it." "Chaji saw it."

After the election of South Korea, Wang Shijian also asked him to jump in love on his first day in the office. However, Wang Shijian was on the program on the 26th. I knew that "diving in the sea is just an adjective." On the 27th, he clarified on Facebook that the election bets were only "Let Wenzhe lose the election, Wang Shijian shaved his head." "Ajian does not take the initiative to bet, please do not have a strong mouth, does it swallow hockey, jump in love."

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