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My friend got dizzy as soon as he came in! Revealing the terrible truth “living with a lewd ghost” Li Mingchuan has lived together for 7 years: morning and evening, I am not tired

My friend got dizzy as soon as he walked in! Revealing the terrible truth

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Haunted houses are usually avoided by most people out of fear, but there is a saying in folklore that if they match the magnetic field it will help with other jobs and fortunes. Li Mingchuan, a well-known stylist, revealed that he lived with his good brother for 6 or 7 years ago, and that even his office was in a relatively shady building in the East District, but they were all in peace. In addition to more appointments, his career has continued to develop.

Li Mingchuan said in the “Fate is Fun” program that he is relatively insensitive to intangible objects and is more afraid of people. In the past, she lived in a rented house with a good brother for 6 or 7 years, but she didn’t notice it at first. The next tenant told him; Li Mingchuan said that the tenant is actually a friend, but because other people always feel dizzy whenever they come to the house, he is away from time to time, and when he wants to move later, when he meets by chance, he rents a house. Move to him.

(Photo / Obtained from YouTube / Fun fate)
(Photo / Obtained from YouTube / Fun fate)

A year or two later, the two met again. The tenant told Li Mingchuan, “My roommate is very immoral. He brings home a different person every day. Do you know why? There are prostitutes in the house. Think about what happened when you lived.” Li Mingchuan suddenly realized that because there were indeed many appointments in the past, and I was busy in the morning and evening, but they were not tired.

The tenant says that there is a room for the ghost of an adulteress, and a room for a boy and a girl. Li Mingchuan conveyed the statement of a friend that at that time the nursery usually installed tassels, feathers and other style props. In order to find the props more enjoyable, the children said, “This has really helped my career. I hope I can bring home different props, so I have had a very good job over the years.”

Li Mingchuan also revealed that his office was in a certain building in the East District where many people were jumping from the building. It’s a bit cloudy, but since it’s not in the key place, it’s okay. Soon the studio is getting bigger and bigger, and I want to be in the same building. Looking for a new studio, but it really made him feel a little dizzy when he entered. And host He Dulin said that if you really have to meet, not everyone is compatible.

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