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More effective than ice! Chinese medicine prepared at home 1 good remedy for treating wounds, reducing swelling and relieving blood stasis |

How to save a bruise? When the body is injured and inflamed, causing redness and swelling around it, Chinese medicine has a magic formula that can quickly reduce swelling and remove blood stasis, which is more effective than ice.

There will be swelling, pain, and blood stasis in the injured area such as bruises and sprains. Some blood stasis is not visible on the body. If stagnant blood that cannot be used by the body remains in the body, it can cause severe symptoms years later.

Ye Qimin, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine at Ming Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic, explains that prolonged blood stasis can cause many symptoms, such as blood stasis and coagulation. After all this time, heat and body fluids will be consumed, and tuberculosis of dry blood will form. Symptoms are dry and rough skin, flakes like fish scales, and the blanket cannot be covered in cold weather, as if heat is coming from within the bones.

Therefore, in the event of a bruise, whether visible or not, the blood stasis should be removed. Chinese medicine has a magic formula for treating wounds and removing blood stasis – the “taohonghuayu formula”, which can be made at home.

Taohong Huayu’s recipe, quickly reduces swelling and blood

Huayu’s Taohong recipe is suitable for cuts without wounds. “First application after injury, can quickly reduce swelling and not easily leave blood stasis, very quickly,” said Ye Qimin. Conversely, using an ice pack can easily leave blood stasis.

Taohong Huayu Prescription Medicines.  (Health 1 + 1 / Epoch Times)
Taohong Huayu Prescription Medicines. (Health 1 + 1 / Epoch Times)

recipe:10 cents for raw ground, 5 cents for peach seeds, 3 cents for safflower.

practice:Hammer all medicinal ingredients and mix with rice wine and apply to the wound.

These three medicinal ingredients have the effect of cooling the blood, refreshing the blood, and removing blood stasis, you can keep a little at home, and use rice wine when needed. Rice wine has a cooling effect.

The best effect is applied within 15 minutes after injury, it has the opportunity to relieve the whole emphysema and avoid bruising; within an hour, the effect is good too. If the blood stasis gradually clots and forms before application, the medicinal effect will gradually diminish and the strength of blood circulation and blood stasis will be weakened, or it will take several times to apply to see the effect.

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