Map leaked Galaxy S10 allegedly leads to three versions.


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In the map of the latest Samsung S10 leak, it is suspected that the series will be released in three versions, which are said (left to right) S10E, S10 and S10 +. The meaning of "E" is temporarily unknown, but in English it usually means "cheap, economical". I don't know if it can be applied to S10E.

S10 seems to be 5.8 吋, and S10 + 6.4 berukuran. Although the image is unclear, the S10E and S10 appear to have a round hole in the upper right corner of the front, while the S10 + hole is in the form of a pill, which must be placed on two cameras. As for the rear, you can see that the S10E has fewer cameras than the other two, and the overall settings are not the same as the Galaxy A9.

Of course, this is Samsung's "main power" series this year, and the more bizarre folding model has not yet been heard. However, a press conference before the MWC in February will give us a positive answer!


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