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Political group
Old "Old Swan Entertainment" combines politicians with the role of Jin Yong's novel and launches "Hero of politicians", which triggers heated discussions among netizens. (Pictures / Reviews of "Old Swan Entertainment" Facebook, 2018.11.07)

The martial arts novel, Jin Yong, died a few days ago, leaving many classic works. The page of Facebook fan "Old Swan Entertainment" released "Political Group of Heroes" on the 6th day, combining the role of Taiwanese political figures and Jin Yong's pens. President Tsai Ing-wen became the teacher of extermination, Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe became Hong Qigong, and Kaohsiung Kuomintang Mayor, South Korea Yu, became King of the Golden Wheel and began a heated discussion among netizens.

"What do political figures play in martial arts films?" "Old Swan Entertainment" chose 16 Taiwanese political figures, P Picture KUSO became the role of Jin Yong's novel, emphasizing that there was no difference between positive and negative. As can be seen from the photo, Ke Wenzhe became "Beibei" Hong Qigong, Tsai Ing-wen was the head of Emei School "teacher of extinction too", former president Ma Ying-jeou became "male sword" Yue Buqun, Chen Shui-bian became " Ouyang Feng's Western poisons, Chen Zhizhong also became Ouyang Ke.

The Kaohsiung Kuomintang mayor candidate, South Korea Yu, has been in a prosperous situation, and has started the "Korean Wave" wave. The entire station runs through additional elections and is king of the Golden Wheel by KUSO. The note also wrote that "five majors switched to the first blue master", Liu Duzhong and Yu South Korea did not go to additional elections in Taipei, while Kaohsiung City which was traditionally considered "greener than blue", blue and green election campaign was described five or five waves, and prospective Democratic Progressive City mayor Chen Qimai is P "Enemy Sword" actor, Chen Jialuo, and said that "the watermelon will be the main steering wheel."

▲ South Korea Yu, Chen Qimai became King of the Golden Wheel, Chen Jialuo. (Pictures / Reviews of "Old Swan Entertainment" Facebook, 2018.11.07)

Among them, consideration of netizens, including Lai Qingde, executive president of Yuan, and Xie Longjie, a member of the Kuomintang Tainan City who once said that "I will watch over you all the time," are heroes and female heroes of the "Gods of the Condor Fighters" by KUSO. Ticket Netizens. Yao Wenzhi, mayor of the Democratic Progressive Party in Taipei, was also curious about P. Liang, the original Fa Liang was the third student of the Huashan School in "Sword Swordsman", and Yao Wenzhi's polls were always third, and in novels. After Liang made the scene, he said, "Say well, I am the Huashan faction …" Half of the lines were decapitated, and there was quite a lot of drama.

▲ Executive Dean Lai Qingde, Tainan City Council Member Xie Longjie was promoted by KUSO Yang and Xiaolongnu, Yao Wenzhi, mayor of the Democratic Progressive Party in Taipei, promoted by P. (Pictures / Reviews of "Old Swan Entertainment" Facebook, 2018.11.07)

The head of the Kuomintang Wu Dunyi was deceived as "a white thief and six dolphins", referring to Taogu Liuxian in "Sword Swordsman". Because there were only 6 dolphins in the picture, there were no photos of Wu Dunyi at all, so netizens laughed at the loss . No, that's sad. "Ding Shouzhong, mayor of the Kuomintang Taipei may be broken by Guo. The commentary reads" There is no sense of existence. "Ding Shouzhong also answered by saying" Ding Shouzhong is Guo Jing! "

Interestingly, "Heroes of politicians" finally emerged as "red curators" of non-political people, Chen Zhihan, but there were no synthetic photos in the picture, but the characters on the back left were very similar. I also laughed and said, "This is not synthesis, the resemblance is 99.9%." "Is the upper left really the curator?" "The original curator had a lot of drama when he was young."

▲ The characters on the back left look like "curators" Chen Zhihan. (Pictures / Reviews of "Old Swan Entertainment" Facebook, 2018.11.07)


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