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Report of Guan Yuwen / Taipei Reporter

Artists Yan Aaron were in private schools, and beds kissed, hugs behind, etc. all flowed out by "explosives". They were all crushed out of three men, all turned their faces away. Friends revealed that "Yan Aaron was very affected." "ET the Starlight" Cloud "reporter calls the broker, the broker turns and says,from

"Photos are old photos! B, C are the same person!"

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According to "Mirror Weekly" published on the 7th, Yan Aaron was beaten by three people, but the last three people found each other "I am not a palace", leading to a series of retaliations, creating a news page. According to the report, the tactics of Yan Aaron's men are similar, they are all through personal social software news, and then meet again to let the other party step by step.

▲ Yan Aaron. (Weekly images / mirrors)

▲ ▼ Aaron Aaron's private conversation, kissing photos that flowed out by people with hearts. (Weekly images / mirrors available)

▲ Yan Aaron. (Weekly images / mirrors)

After the news broke, it caused heated discussions among netizens, reporter ETtoday Starlight Cloud visited close friend Yan Yalun.from

"Three photos have different hairstyles. They are obviously not photographs in the same period. They were chosen at the wedding referendum. It is not excluded that people who are interested in the operation are intentionally operating."

▲ ▼ inflammation of Aaron. (Weekly photos / mirrors)

▲ Brokers say that B and C are the same person. (Weekly photos / mirrors)

The friend was asked if he was worried about Aaron in the near future, he said.from

"A few days ago I heard that his mood was affected, and photos of personal friends with friends flowed out. Everyone was a victim."Although it's not clear whether the screenshot dialog is correct, the friend said that the problem was still uneven, that broketer's intentions were not good. However, after the incident, the friend said that he did not contact Yan Aaron himself. "I remember he carried out propaganda and prepared concerts on the mainland a few days ago. There was no special contact."

In response, the reporter called agent Yan Aaron, the agent was angry,from

"The report content changed. Aaron in photo A is clearly not a 2018 hairstyle, so the time is not suitable, and on the cover of weekly magazines, B and C are the same person, and there are no three-three years! lawyer how to handle it. "After the outbreak of the incident, a large number of netizens paid attention, and even some netizens said humorously, "It's really not easy to find three people with such a long picture." "That won't be the same person!"


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