Wednesday , January 20 2021

Exclusive coaching team / Fubon Titans strengthens Chen Ruizhen to take over as head of the second ET squad today

  1. The exclusive coaching team / Fubon Titans greatly strengthens Chen Ruizhen to take over as the second squad chiefET today
  2. Hot in the FA market, Lai Hongcheng and Zhang Zhihao are very popularYahoo News
  3. [Kejuruan menengah]Free agents may have successful transfers after 4 years. Zhang Zhihao and Lai Hongcheng are in a good marketTaiwan Apple Daily
  4. Intermediate vocational / If Lai Hongcheng goes to Lotte Fubon, he can choose good players, compensation and transfer feesET today
  5. [Kolom]The vigilant young players who released the roster had to be quick so as not to get swept awayYahoo Sports
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