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Alzheimer's disease

Recently, "risk factors" that are prone to Alzheimer's disease have triggered heated discussions. Various possibilities such as life habits, heredity, high blood pressure or diabetes have been mentioned, but in my experience, it is still melancholy that needs attention.

Functional changes in the brain can be organic changes

I used to have an elderly care center at Bathwind Hospital where I used to work, so I would also be affected by elderly patients suffering from mental illness. There, I found this pattern – people who are depressed during their youth are vulnerable to dementia, those with mental disorders tend not to suffer from dementia.

I think the reason is the neurotransmitter balance in the brain.

Depression is caused by a lack of serotonin and norepinephrine, and mental disorders are caused by excess dopamine. In other words, as long as you suffer from an illness with inadequate neurotransmitters, it's easy to cause dementia, on the contrary, if there are excess neurotransmitters, you might be able to prevent dementia.

Even if you suffer from depression in middle and young age, if you ignore it for a long time and make your symptoms develop further, you will make the brain generator change qualitatively. Now it is known that when nerve conduction material is insufficient, the brain will experience several types of functional changes. If the duration is too long, nerve cells will be damaged, resulting in organic changes.

Therefore, when parents suffer from depression but do not receive proper care, it is likely to be immediately converted to dementia, such cases should not be rare. Therefore, the sooner you use drugs to treat depression, the more you can get away from dementia.

In short, old age depression does not involve dementia, it is a precursor to dementia, in addition, if you ignore old age depression, there is a high probability that it will turn into dementia. This condition must be monitored carefully.

This article is from the book "She's melancholy depression, not crazy, it's hard to detect heart disease"


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