Chen Minfeng: The big KMT 2020 coffee has run out! – Zhongshi Newsletter


In the 2020 presidential election, Kuomintang Zhu Lilun and Wang Jinping had stated that Wu Dunyi had started broadcasting and was considered a candidate for the election. Chen Minfeng's famous mouth shows that the whole situation, Wu Dunyi 2020 is half dead!

Chen Minfeng pointed out that if Wu Dunyi insisted on using 70% of national polls and 30% of party members to vote, Wang Jinping's qualification opportunity would be huge. If everyone discussed the full poll, Zhu Lilun's poll would be higher.

Chen Minfeng is at the "Zheng political event. Knowing that, Wu Dunyi will definitely announce his participation in 2020, but he is" general ". If he wins the election, he won't win. Xianggong won't win, but he will control the results. other people. It depends on whether Wu Dunyi hates Zhu Lilun or Wang Jinping? Chen Minfeng believes that Wu must hate Zhu Lilun.

Former Kuomintang legislator Luo Shulei said that Wu Dunyi and Wang Jinping, as far as the Kuomintang was concerned, party members would support Wu Dunyi because many party members felt Wu Dunyi, Wu Dunyi had been the best time for the Kuomintang since he became secretary general; At the same time, he did many things in his life, and his political achievements were also the best. When party leaders have to pay more than 30,000 yuan in salary each month, it is very difficult, including regional and city leaders who also choose the best. In fact, everyone is very grateful to him. It's just that he's been ugly, stigmatized for a long time, and even called "white thief."

(China Times Newsletter)


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