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"Blood Kill 2" story mode finds the secret skill "naked", but also washing bloody city dwellers can practice | 4Gamers

Perhaps most fans of "Red Dead Redemption 2" are interested in the arrival of online modes, but this news will definitely catch your attention. That's right, some players have discovered the secret skill that makes Arthur truly "naked", only takes a little effort.

According to the distribution of S10Px netizens on Reddit, he found inspiration from the previous Grand Theft Auto 5 game mechanism, because the video he provided containedGames that end spoilersfrom

Please do not consider players who are not completely damaged when they try.In addition, please remember to archive before use, because confidential use is price.

First, to reach this secret, you must first travel to the city of Van Horn, where you pay 25 cents for a bath, but do not enter the bathroom, but first go to town to bring all the inhabitants of the city of Van Horn Kill bright, You will not have a reward value at blood sacrifice.

Second, go back to the front of the bath, cut off the first person, behind the guardrail in front of the bath, and you can turn the BUG to the bath without triggering Cutscene.

Third, throw the burning bottle in the bath in the bath, then open the door to trigger a scene, let Arthur take a bath in the fire. That's right, when you take a shower, you will burn it because the bottle is burning.

Fourth, after death and resurrection, Arthur is naked. Even though Arthur's clothes vanished, the price was all the items you collected so hard disappeared, and Arthur's "brother" disappeared.

Finally, you will go to Annesburg in the north, and you will find passersby to open the plane and let yourself be caught. When you are released from prison, you can suspend "naked" progress.

Let's not mention why the S10Px brain can play this bug, and it's ridiculous but funny that Arthur's bare-breasted images are everywhere in western cities, but this does not cause "special reactions" to NPCs.

If you want to try a friend, remember to archive it first.

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