Blocking the cross-strait waters of the New Party: MAC must be called "Cross Strait Dispute Committee" – ETtoday News Cloud


Blocking the cross-strait waters of the New Party: MAC must be named "Cross-Strait Committee that Cannot Be Reached" ETtoday News Cloud

▲ The new party went to MAC to protest across the strait. (Photo / Reporter Xu Zhengyu) Reporter Xu Zhengyu / Taipei reported that due to the incident of the East Asia Youth Movement, the MAC requested to postpone the water ceremony, which was rejected by the Jinmen County Government, and planned by deputy judge Wu Chengdian and Senator Weng Zibao and others. A small three-way approach goes to the other side to participate in a water-passing ceremony. As a result, it was confirmed that the MAC and Immigration Department would vote. The New Party went to the MAC to protest on the 6. It was said that the MAC was called the "Mainland Affairs Committee". As a result, it suppresses cross-strait exchanges every day. That must be called "Resident Cross-Straits Committee." Su Heng, a member of the Datong District New City City Council, said that in 2001, during the reign of Chen Shui-bian, Wu Chengdian and Jinmen County new judges, the Districts of Li Wei and Cao Yuanzhang went to Xiamen to negotiate three-way. After lengthy negotiations, they finally signed. Three small links. As a result, MAC, chaired by Tsai Ing-wen, believes that they are not authorized to sign documents on behalf of the state. That violates the provisions of the Regulation on People's Relations between the Two Sides of the Taiwan Strait. If non-public opinion pressure forces Clay English to retreat, three small links will succeed. On the road. Unexpectedly, 17 years later, the MAC again pressed the Golden Gate and reversed the beauty of the waters across the Taiwan Strait. Lin Mingzheng, a member of the New City Council Songshan Xinyi, a member of the City Council, said that after Cai's refusal to accept the 1992 consensus, the cross strait was in a hurry to cross the strait and basically had nothing to do. However, MAC did not want to be lonely, MAC also tried to suppress cross-strait exchanges, including supporting the Civil Aviation Authority to ban "Spring Festival overtime flights", banning Taiqing from "going to China China Bank", banning "full-time state university teachers and private sector, and not participating in mainland countries. " R & D Funds and Projects, forbid "official officials come to Taiwan to participate in the Straits Forum. Commissioner Chen Mingtong's name has the word" Ming Tong "but does not make everything on either side of the strait. It just changes its name to" cross strait ". it's over, the new party is calling for crossing the strait …


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