Aunt around robbing! There are 2 mysterious forces behind the UMC “change from school age to senior” -Finance-China Times


UMC has risen like a lion this year. In addition to a 14-year high in the third quarter, its share price continues to soar. Friday (4) continued to hit the daily limit and closed at 47.6 yuan. Some netizens said that their aunts and uncles around them robbed UMC and felt that UMC’s share price had been detached from its fundamentals. However, analysts believe the main contributors to the UMC surge were capital and TSMC. If the investor still wants to enter the market, either the 5th line or the 10th line is the basis for entry and exit.

Research firm Aletheia Capital suggests that after UMC reached an agreement with the US Department of Justice, UMC could focus more on improving its fundamentals, give it a “buy” investment rating, and speculate that a fair share price is 60 yuan, which is the highest price among foreign securities firms. .

The shortage of UMC capacity of 8 inches will continue into the next year. Along with the increase in metal casting prices, legal personnel hope that UMC’s profit next year and the following year is expected to increase from year to year. In terms of expansion plans, UMC expects the 12-inch production capacity will continue to expand, the most advanced 28 nanometer manufacturing process will also be significantly improved, and is open to mergers and acquisitions.

Due to the continued fermentation of the recent bullish theme, UMC’s share price has also surged. It was still at 33 yuan on November 20, and the daily limit on Friday exceeded 47.6 yuan. It has risen 44% in just two weeks. It’s not hard to see the market catching up in panic. Good title.

A netizen posted a post on Kiki’s share version, saying that TSMC is sometimes in a rush, and its juniors won’t go up the mountain to save seniors. On the contrary, UMC is today’s junior and tomorrow’s senior. In this wave of the UMC surge, the aunts and uncles in the vicinity began to mention UMC. According to the KD indicator, UMC already has a K value of more than 80 for 9 trading days. It seems that the UMC share price has separated from the fundamentals.

In fact, many investors saw UMC rise, and they wept too late. Moore Investment Consulting analyst Lin Yukai is sure that investors who have not caught up with UMC have so far been brave and willing to step in. But the premise is that stocks are rising rapidly, it is advisable to use short-term moving averages as a basis for entry and exit in operations, such as the 5-day or 10-day line as a benchmark.

Lin Yukai analyzes that UMC continues to attack daily limits, and the biggest contributors behind the scenes are the capital and TSMC! Capital effects, in my opinion, have been fully revealed from the weighted index performance; and this year’s TSMC surge and the spillover effect that its full capacity brings are all the nutrients for this UMC fast wave.

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