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Xiao Chen, who is in his 40s, is a bus driver. He often urinates on weekdays. He often urinates and urinates. He often found the toilet when he was working. He has been betrayed by a passenger. Recently, my wife took Xiao Chen to the doctor. They are both very difficult to talk about. Finally, my wife complained to the doctor: "My" husband's younger brother "has become a sleepy beauty, and how to call it not wake up!" Obstacles lead to red light in the relationship between husband and wife.

Spring is worth a thousand dollars, but many older men are more likely to have more than enough energy at critical moments, when they get older, the chances of prostate hypertrophy increase. However, due to facial problems and the fact that customs and customs are more conservative, many men choose to hold back and not seek medical care, which makes marriage fall into a crisis of "sexual" blessings.

Zhang Hongjiang, chairman of the Taiwanese Men's Medical Association, said that according to domestic and foreign research reports and the latest demographics, more than 1.55 million men and women over 40 have "erectile dysfunction" and "prostate hypertrophy with urinary tract symptoms". That is equivalent to one in five people who suffer from two major comorbidities.

● Aging + Obesity Men over 40 years are vulnerable to two major comorbidities

Liao Junhou, director of the Urology Department at Gengyi Hospital, pointed out that erectile dysfunction and prostate hypertrophy have many common causes, including age and obesity, which make these two diseases easily appear in men at the same time; if there is a metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, diabetes and overweight men also more likely to have two major comorbidities.

Research in Germany shows that nearly 10% of men in their 40s experience erectile dysfunction, at the age of 70 to 80 years, more than half of men cannot get an erection. The same study showed that nearly 30% of men in their 30s with erectile dysfunction had problems with lower urinary tract symptoms, and up to 70% of patients in their 50s had comorbidities.

Although erectile dysfunction and prostate hypertrophy are not mutually causal, Dr. Liao recommends that if one problem arises, it is best to make a thorough assessment of outpatient treatment. On the one hand, current "PDE5 inhibitors" can simultaneously correct two major comorbidities, at the same time, attention must be paid to the treatment of prostate hypertrophy, and some drugs or surgery can affect sexual function.

● Identification of right and wrong "drugs", fake drugs, fear of life, life, human life

However, the reality is that many men prefer to sacrifice "sexual" blessings rather than taking the initiative to seek medical treatment. What's worse is that pseudo-drugs have recently been rampaging, especially for male functional drugs.

For example, some aphrodisiac drugs contain local anesthetics, which can prolong erection time by delaying male genital sensitivity. However, long-term use can cause penile itching, rashes, and even swelling and pain. If you have cardiovascular disease, you might be killed.

Liao Junhou said that the current legal remedy for erectile dysfunction is only PDE5 inhibitors, three drugs used in this country, and there are also supplements for low testosterone levels.

However, doctors caution that even if it is a prescription drug, it is advisable to seek medical advice before treatment, and it should not be considered a health supplement. Because some drugs may have side effects, such as PDE5 inhibitors and cardiovascular drugs can interact, it is recommended to ask a doctor to assess physical condition. Consider taking it again.

● Self evaluation of erectile function, prostate symptoms

Doctors also recommend that male friends can detect their own erectile function and prostate conditions. If there is a crisis, they must be willing to seek medical treatment and early treatment.

In the "International Erectile Function Index Scale (IIEF)", the answer option is 0 to 5 points from left to right, from 25 points. If the total score of 5 questions is lower than or equal to 21 points, there may be an erection function. Phenomenon of obstacles.

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International erectile function indicator scale. (Source: provided by the Taiwan Male Medical Association)
Table of scale of erectile violence. (Source: provided by the Taiwan Male Medical Association)
The Glandular International Symptom Score Questionnaire was taken. (Source: provided by the Taiwan Male Medical Association)

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