Admittedly the storm of the corpse of the husband of "reduced trust" was actually a constitutional brother saving Lin Caiyi! – Zhongshi Newsletter


"Snake Ji" Lin Caiyi's life went up and down last year. First of all, "Double Happiness" and promotion of his wife and mother at the same time. Unexpectedly, Hu Ruier, a husband suspected of being a drunken nightclub girl, appeared on "Little Star Big Followers" "Songkou talked about the real situation and said that he was a very insecure person. Therefore, the zombie scandal did not affect him. recognize that "her trust (Hu Ruier) diminished after the incident occurred. "Then, I asked for help from Xian.

After Lin's husband, Hu Ruier, came out of the zombie scandal, he chose to send a statement on the social networking site to accompany the other half, and he revealed it on the show. In fact, this was a decision made by Wu Zongxian, saying that he requested a constitution. "It shouldn't come out to open a press conference." Xian Ge asked him not to do this. The reason is that "the press conference will attract various words to write." It is recommended that he write full articles on the internet.

When Lin Biao was on the verge of confrontation, he faced a major event that shook the feeling of marriage. Fortunately, Wu Zongxian, the predecessor of the circle, indicated that he would face the incident by issuing a statement instead of a press conference. Senior media Di Zhiwei praised the constitution. Brother: "Your crisis management is enough to be called the model of everyone in the entertainment industry." He said that constitutional brothers could open a crisis management company. Xiang Ge laughed back: "That is Lu Xipai's work, not my job." ! "

(China Times Newsletter)


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