Tuesday , July 27 2021

Tilllate – Undefined Beings – What is this?

You have not delayed your meeting for "Kafirahmdeckeli" to this day or have a weakness for stuffed animals? Cool, get ripped off. Just like you too Roman Fedortsov extraordinary hobby. Russian sailors, with a tendency towards absurdity, gather strange sea creatures from within.

Instead of letting photographic fruits from his hobby be rubbed on a private album, he posted photos of monstrosities on Twitter. With photos of animal trophies, which are usually dead because the pressure changes when they reach the water surface, the 39-year-old sailor impresses 143,000 followers.

17 years of experience

The audience enjoys special creatures and often wants to know one thing: What is that? Fedortsov, who has gained a lot of experience on a 17-year-old fishing vessel, answers the questions of curious users.

The senseless image of sea animals not only attracted internet users, they also blocked them: "At first I found the photos were still funny, but now I'm afraid to get into the water," wrote a frightened user. To be honest: we can understand that.

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