This Mine War: Complete Edition for Switches available


"This War of Mine: Complete Edition" is available today for the Nintendo Switch. A launch trailer will also be displayed.

The 11 Bit Studios and Deep Silver today released "This War of Mine: Complete Edition" for the Switch, including the launch trailer. "Complete Edition" includes the first time the "Birthday Edition" content of the main game as well as all previously published extensions. In addition, buyers of "Full Edition" will have free access to all future "This War of Mine: Stories".

He said, "This Mine War is an anti-war game that provides deep insight into the burdens faced by victims during the military conflict, and has continued to develop since the famous 2014 release, including new stories, scenarios, and more. Residents and Places Thanks to the tremendous support from the gaming community, developers can develop the DLC's Father's Promise story DLC, which includes core elements that are not in the original version, and the addition of The Little Ones for children as a character that can be played in this Mine War, the developers round out the whole package around the expansion of the War of the Child, which to this day collects donations to British charities of the same name, helping children in war-torn areas.


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