The voucher is in front: the Christmas business starts


Berlin (dpa) – Toys, books, jewelry, perfume and always vouchers: Also this year, customers spend billions in Germany for Christmas gifts. Even though summer temperatures are almost too late, the most important time for trade has begun.


In November and December, it has the highest sales this year. "For the first time, we breached the 100 billion euro limit," announced the German Trade Association (HDE). Thus, two percent growth may come together, also with the help of online rebate battles. Just like in previous years, expenses for prizes don't increase anymore.

On average, 472 euros, just under 7 euros more than last year, every customer wants to spend HDE surveys for holiday gifts. Some other polls come from a much lower number. The association survey shows: Since 2014, Christmas gifts have only been slightly larger. In particular, accounts are taken from the fact that prices have increased.

Indications of trends that are more or less? HDE Chief Executive Stefan Genth waved. "We still have very high expenditure levels for Christmas," he said. Genth said: »This was bought with consideration. Sustainability and product quality may be more of a topic than ten years ago. "Give gifts to Christmas as a top priority.

Every second people want to put coupons under the Christmas tree this year – they are still the most popular gift for HDE according to the survey. This was followed by tickets for cosmetics, books, concerts and theater and jewelry. About one in three wants to give toys, clothes and cash.

Especially online, many are bought for Christmas. Every fourth euro of total annual turnover is taken by online retailers in November and December, and in overall trading is only under one in five. According to industry expectations, Black Friday (23.11.) And Cyber ​​Monday (26.11.) Also contribute to this – day of action with special offers based on the US model. Up to 1.8 billion euros will spend Germany in these days with the click of a mouse, hoping at least to trade.

This year as a whole, customers also generate good income for trade in Germany. HDE corrected its forecast on Wednesday and now expects sales to grow to 525 billion euros – a 2.3 percent increase, not previously expected, 2.0 percent. For a full year, sales grew faster than at the Christmas business.

This is the ninth consecutive year of growth for the retail sector. The reason is a good economic situation. Unemployment falls and income increases. Many Germans enjoy themselves – as indicated by the fact that sales are increasing, especially in segments such as sports, camping, bicycles, food, cosmetics and personal care.

Apart from online trading, the benefits are mainly trading in big houses. For many city dwellers, the situation is bleak. For the first half of this year, in the HDE survey, every second of them talked about a worse business situation. In stationary trade, the industry expects an increase in sales of 1.5 percent, which should roughly match the price trend. On the other hand, revenue increased 9.6 percent as expected.


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