Tuesday , May 18 2021

The October update for Windows 10 has caused problems

Microsoft has disabled the October Update distribution for Windows 10 for a portion of the user base. The reason is a problem with different program and system configurations.

After Microsoft released the October update that was full of bugs last week with many delays, distribution for various users has now stopped again. This is due to compatibility issues with different program and system configurations. For example, Apple Trend iCloud, F5 VPN, OfficeScan, and Worry-Free Business Security, as well as devices with older AMD graphics cards and installed network drives cause problems. Until the bug is fixed, Microsoft wants to stop the launch for affected users.
On the Microsoft support website, the manufacturer stated that specifically iCloud version is not compatible with the October update. In practice, Apple's cloud clients experience problems when updating or synchronizing shared albums. Therefore, on Windows systems with version 1809, the software cannot be installed again.

Meanwhile, users of F5 VPN software may experience network connection errors as part of Windows updates. For example, using the split-tunneling feature causes problems. And even with a solution from Trend Micro causing various bugs that Windows updates have not played at this time.

Apart from problems with programs from individual manufacturers, however, there are also delays in certain hardware and network configurations. Systems with older AMD Radeon HD2000 and HD4000 graphics cards will not receive Windows updates due to lack of AMD update support, because they can cause errors in Microsoft Edge or lock screens.

In addition, Microsoft overcame errors related to network floppy mapped on its support page. Here can come to connection problems. Microsoft has created an initial script-based solution for this error. But at the end of November bug fixes must replace the solution.

Home users seem to be Microsoft guinea pigs

Continuous issues around updating the main features of Windows 10 make it clear that something is wrong with Microsoft's quality assurance. Already a spring update must postpone Redmond because of various errors of several weeks.

Final launch is less of a problem than many countless Windows users who have to deal with annoying errors in the course of the update. For a while corporate customers and Pro Edition users can delay feature updates until most bugs are removed, home users are not given this luxury.

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