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Aargauer Budget 2019 has been decided. After a total of almost eight hours of debate, which spread over two days, the General Council on Tuesday approved the Government Council's estimates with several changes. 83 MPs said yes, 49 refused the budget.

No sound coming from the right and left ends. Both the Green Party and the SVP are not satisfied and tense for once in the last vote. Because their respective applications have not yet been received, both groups cannot live with estimates. Even if they agree that financial policy, as practiced by Aargau, cannot be supported for the benefit of future generations, the reason is of course very different. The Green Party will like more ecological projects and thus actions on climate change in the budget are seen, the SVP is more austerity measures to prevent long-term bankruptcy. The SVP has confirmed in the inaugural debate last Tuesday that they would reject the budget. The Greens was hesitant at that time.

Foot control remains the same

However, in another faction, the estimate came. At the end of the debate, the Supreme Council saved 1 & # 39,000 000 francs from government proposals, which meant that the 2019 budget would provide a million francs in profit. Cantonal tax rates remain unchanged, SVP requests to reduce them by two percentage points are rejected by the majority.

In the end, the Green Party and the SVP agreed, but shortly before the small scandal between the two poles. In a detailed debate about posts at the Department of Health and Welfare, Jean-Pierre Gallati, on behalf of the SVP, proposed reducing the number of intra-cantonal patients in the budget so that 17 million francs could be saved. Applications that are considered unrealistic and have no opportunities, but for Green Robert Obrist is a "pure despair" that supports. His despair over the explosion in health costs went so far as to call SVP Government Adviser and Health Director Franziska Roth to resign. "Give space for a woman who can do that," the council member told members of the government council. The health director's performance certificate is sad.

Already in last year's budget debate, construction sites in the health sector have become the main topic, a year later, nothing has changed. Franziska Roth is weak and communicates poorly, Obrist added. The Green Party must shoot its criticism of the General Government Council, answered Gallati. It is incomprehensible for him how the government can present the budget without overcoming health costs.

"It's very sad that we have to have inappropriate discussions because requests are impossible," said Jürg Knuchel of SP. He asked MPs to return to this issue. Roth Government Advisors did not respond to Obrist's request for resignation. Then, he told Tele M1 that he had thick skin.

Wages increased

More factual is the debate when it comes to being proposed by the Government Council in the Tax Department and salary increases for government employees. The government council has given an increase of 1 percent, SP submitted a request to adjust wages by 1.8 percent. "The Canton of Aargau cannot do that," said Regina Lehmann for SVP. This was asked to retreat to salary increases.

This is not about generous increases, said Marco Hardmeier (SP), but for inflation adjustments. This one does not enter the industry and in the industry either, said Benjamin Giezendanner (SVP). "I cannot tolerate the fact that the Supreme Council continues to complain about the poor working conditions of state employees," Giezendanner recounted. FDP and CVP support requests from the Government Council, Green supports them from SP.

Wage increases are needed, said financial director Mark Dieth. "This application is not exaggerated, we offset inflation," said the government council. Cantonese must remain attractive as an employer for motivated employees. The board followed the government and decided to increase one percent. However, a request by Gabriel Lüthy (FDP) to cover public sector salaries based on the 2019 budget for the 2020-2022 plan was rejected.

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