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The traditional SVP Congress of the Canton of Zurich was opened. The keynote speaker, as usual, is SVP's father-in-law Christoph Blocher. But there is also a Federal Council Member and a comedian.

The "March of the Zurich SVP" opened the traditional Albisgüetli conference in Zurich on Friday night. The Podium is entirely in the hands of SVP: The main speech is held because every year Christoph Blocher's father, as guest speaker, is Federal President Ueli Maurer.

For Maurer Federal Board Members, the appearance at the Albisgüetli shooting club is a home match. Before his election to Bundesrat in 2009, he was President of the SVP of Canton of Zurich. And at Albisgüetli, he was in the pulpit in 2013 and in 2017 as a Member of the Federal Council.

In other years also members of the Federal Council from other parties spoke. The party regularly invites the Federal President, but they are not always available or willing to appear on Albisgüetli.

Also present at this year's Rifle House are colorful birds: Swiss cabaret and satirist artists Andreas Thiel are known for their libertarian and critically Islamic views. His trademark: rainbow colored mohawk.

«The most important political event in Switzerland»

The traditional SVP Cantonese Zurich Congress party took place this year for the 31st. On the one hand, this serves as a social gathering, on the other hand, it's about fundamental thinking about this year. According to the announcement, this time a framework agreement with the EU negotiated by the Federal Council is likely to be discussed.

The Zurich SVP sees the party congress as "the biggest and most important political event in Switzerland", as written by the Cantonal Party on its website. Also this year the meeting sold out in one day. 1160 party members and guests traveled to Schützenhaus Albisgüetli on Friday night.

The event was launched in 1989 by Blocher, as "a political rally with national attraction". In the past, this conference made headlines on several occasions because speaker speeches that were provocative and polarizing and protested were sometimes violent against SVP opponents. (SDA / noo)


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