Supporters of European consumers want to fight Google – business


Associations from Norway, the Netherlands, Greece, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland and Sweden want to file a complaint with their respective data protection authorities, as revealed by the European Consumer Protection Association (Beuc) on Tuesday.

Consumer advocates argue that US companies violate the European General Data Protection Regulations (DSGVO) with abuse of user sites. "Locations can reveal many things about people, religious beliefs, political beliefs, health status and sexual orientation," he said in a statement.

The Google Android operating system can be found in around two billion smartphones worldwide. The company uses various tricks to ensure that the user activates location tracking or does not close it. The data collected will then be used for various purposes, including targeted advertisements.

However, Google does not have sufficient legal reasons to use this data, and because it violates EU law, said consumer supporters. User consent to collect and process data is also not given voluntarily under these circumstances.

"Google's hunger for data is clear, but the extent to which it misleads users to track and make money from every step is fascinating," said Director General Beuc Monique Goyens.


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