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So Amherd and Z & # 39; graggen won – Switzerland: Standard

Bundesrat ticket from CVP is a denial: Strangely, it's next to a favorite, a member of the Valais national board Viola Amherd. Uri Heidi Z & # 39; graggen government council managed to reach second place as an outsider. This leaves German MPs Peter Hegglin (ZG) and Elisabeth Schneider-Schneiter (BL) out of the race, even though they are far better known in Bern than Z & # 39; graggen.

The voice in the faction is a victory for two winners and destroys the losers: According to reliable sources Amherd scored in the initial vote with 25 of the 36 votes immediately an absolute majority. In the second Z & # 39; graggen won with 19 votes, Hegglin reached 11 votes, Schneider-Schneiter landed with 6 votes in the last place.

Most observers expect that Basel bidder will not succeed in the nomination. He himself attributed his defeat to its origins: "The Baselet is not the origin of CVP." Nominations will have a valid mountainous territory, the National Council said. Tenor in a different fraction: Schneider-Schneiter does not have the format for the highest political office.

Z & # 39; graggen must score in advance for right-wing parties

The most painful thing for them is that the faction on female tickets is pure from the very famous Z & # 39; graggen preference. Strictly for the success of Urnerin, his executive experience and possible political profile: Z & Graggen is considered conservative and bourgeois as Amherd.

But it's not just right-wing CVPers who have the argument to rely on Z & # 39; graggen as their second candidate. Romani politicians also politicized and led the Federal Nature and Homeland Security Commission – which made it potentially on the left side chosen. In Amherd's camp there were also considerations, which according to him, a second woman who was politically unclearly placed from the Valaisan in the Federal Assembly could be less dangerous than the obvious bourgeois Hegglin.

Whether this calculation functions, however, is open. Just because their unknown position can ultimately benefit Z & # 39; graggen. This gives him space to position himself politically in the coming weeks because he will be able to help in the elections. If Z & # 39; graggen wants to stand out from his rival, he must score points in the right-wing party – Amherd is currently favored mainly by the center-left.

Pfister deleted the Twitter message

In fact, after his nomination, Z & # 39; graggen emphasized his economic-liberal side: he was "very business-friendly", defending "moderate taxes" and, as a Swiss citizen, also seeing "the benefits of tax competition".

The fact that the right wing sympathizes with Z & # 39; graggen, also shows a more harsh disruption of communication with the CVP President, Gerhard Pfister, who himself regards this as a wing. Immediately after the CVP nomination decision, a Swiss SVP politician cheered on Twitter that Z & # 39; graggen was "the best cool woman chosen" – and asked: "Hasn't Amherd given up?" A publicly visible answer came only from the leader of the Pfister party, who wrote back: "Too fast. But a silencer for VA." VA – this is Viola Amherd.

Screenshot of a tweet by Gerhard Pfister.

Soon after, Pfister deleted the message, which was clearly not intended for the public. Then, he said in the online media "Nau", his tweet had become a "prescriber". In fact, he wanted to comment: «There is no silencer for Viola Amherd.»

At least it was impossible for their opponents in the faction with Peter Hegglin to support Amherd. Although it has been estimated that the CVP will consider a man, at least on a ticket, because the party has been with a woman in the last twelve years Bundesrat represented. But Zuger does not have the necessary support both in the party and in parliament. Outside of his canton, where he had served as finance director for thirteen years, very critical voices were announced, which denied him as his political figure for the Federal Council.

There are no opportunities for three tickets

Hegglin himself was disappointed and said that he, among other things, had a desire for a woman's ticket to be harmed. In addition, his position on national financial equality would make him sympathetic to slave cantons. His nomination can be saved if the CVP has chosen a three-way ticket: In this case, Zuger will come at ticket number three. However, only a few votes were received in parliamentary groups – including from party leader Gerhard Pfister, who came from Zug like Hegglin.

Duel Z & # 39; graggen against Amherd now promises tension until election day. From today's perspective, Amherd is a favorite in the final race, but the choice of Z & Graggens is not ruled out. Precisely because he is less well known than Amherd, his impression in the sessions of other groups will determine.

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