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Smart dresses show how women are harassed at clubs

This smart dress shows how often women are colored by men at the club

"The Dress for Respect": Evaluation takes place in real time in the back room.

The dress that registered when the wearer was touched He thought that smart-dress beat people who were overly imposing electric shocks, wrote a YouTube user, and that didn't mean serious.

The problem: The battery will be very fast empty because there are so many shocks to distribute …

1 smart dress up

3 Ladies in nightclubs

3 hours 47 minutes test requires

157 Sometimes they are touched and touched by men

This video was released in May this year. Since mid-October 2017, the # MeToo movement has been on everyone's lips. For some men, the debate about sexual harassment does not seem to change anything, said horizon.net.

Now, who is really surprising? The result comes from Brazil. South America is hot blooded … They communicate more with their hands. * Irony *

A YouTube user says it briefly:

"You have to do this experiment in more countries. Not only in Brazil. That is the only way to prove the truth, because from this video, some people will think that this number is not a reality for their country and completely ignores sexual abuse, and in return others will attack everyone in their country what Brazilians do because they think all men are sex offenders (see video). "

Source: youtube

How is the experiment in this country? And what if a man wears something comparable to catching touch?

This is how smart dress works

The client is a well-known beverage manufacturer and the idea was carried out by a marketing company. Video making shows that sensors that are sewn into the dress send touch data via radio. Also noted is the intensity of touch. In the nightclub back room, the evaluation takes place in real time.

The aim is to raise awareness among men who previously stated that abuse was not a big problem for women at the club. After showing the results of the impressive Smart Dress, some of them reacted in surprise and were amazed.

And this is illustrated help:


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