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SBB: The worm is on the Bern Zurich line

For three months, the worm was on the route Bern – Zurich – SBB was confused

Lately, there have been reports of trains being delayed every day. The Pü website shows that this is not only subjective perception. In the past seven days, trains on the Bern – Zurich route have been delayed in one of four cases. On SBB, there is a loss.

Some problem reports from November – especially those affected were the Olten area:

  • 23.11: The railway between Olten and Zurich is temporarily interrupted. Reason: catenary error.
  • 19.11: The track at Olten station is closed. It came for half a day for delays and failures. Reason: Someone was hit by a train.
  • 14.11: Trains throughout Switzerland are interrupted for one morning. Reason: IT problems at SBB.
  • 13.11: A train is stuck just before Solothurn and must return to Olten. Train traffic on routes is limited. Reason: broken button.
  • 10.11: The route from Olten to Bern is temporarily closed. Reason: the train is broken.
  • 05.11: Interference with route from Olten to Bern. There is a delay. Reason: A train is blocking the route.

If someone takes the size of SBB that each train with more than three minutes is considered too late, then this is in accordance with the Bern parade route – Zurich every second train.

SBB confirms the number to SRF. Disruptions such as interlocking problems or locomotive failures have resulted in below-average accuracy in the past three months, Ginsig told SRF. But there is no connection. "Formulating a solution here and now is very difficult now," said Ginsig.

The target of SBB, that 91 percent of trains arrived on time, might not be possible. In the first half of 2018, the goal has just been reached, but in the last three months, the value has dropped. Now comes the beginning of winter, where, according to experience, there are still some delays. (RKA / jaw)

Winter and Zug, which can look like this:

Video: watson

Switzerland responded to the smoke-free zone at the train station

Video: srf

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