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Samsung has never built a Galaxy smartphone like that – GIGA

Samsung wants not to compromise and present the Galaxy S10 smartphone on the market, which puts Huawei and Apple's competition in the shade, as well as enthusiastic old fans. Technically, an Android phone might beat everything.

Handy of superlatives: Samsung has never built a Galaxy smartphone like that

Source: GIGA – Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung Galaxy S10: There is no other smartphone that offers more RAM and memory

As reported by PhoneArena, citing GF Securities, through My Smart Price, Samsung will no longer compromise on the features of the Galaxy S10, at least in its main model. We remember: Currently the Galaxy S9 works with 4 GB of RAM and has 64 GB of internal memory. The Galaxy S9 Plus comes with 6GB of RAM and as much internal memory. Optional, a version with 256 GB is also available. The Galaxy S10 is no longer in vain. Even the smallest Galaxy S10 is to receive 6 GB RAM and 128 GB of internal memory – like the Galaxy Note 9. However, the best Galaxy S10 Plus must have incredible 12 GB RAM and 1 TB of internal memory. Samsung almost doubled its internal memory and memory compared to the Galaxy Note 9. The top model offers 8 GB RAM and 512 GB of internal memory. In addition, of course, the microSD slot must be available – hopefully, at least.

The source also states that 1 TB of internal memory in the top models of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is not like the Note 9 of 512 GB of internal memory and a maximum of 512 GB microSD cards that are composed. This actually must be the original internal memory on the smartphone, which can then be used for all content and applications. Unfortunately, this is not possible with external memory from a microSD card.

So much has to change the look of the Samsung Galaxy S10:

Samsung Galaxy S10: So amazing can be the next seed.

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Samsung Galaxy S10: Time of restraint ends

Samsung is disappointed with the current Galaxy S9 generation and receives bills from customers. The company itself has confirmed that it was in crisis and is now launching a major attack on the smartphone market. Middle-class smartphones are now getting far better features and redesigned design designs. For top smartphones, Samsung has really changed to withstand competition from Huawei and Apple. Restraints and "breaks" in large market shares have ended, after Huawei has overtaken Apple and is now reaching for the stars.

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