Sala still sends messages from the plane


Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala, 28, who was lost due to flights across the Strait, was reported to have sent voice messages to friends from the plane, according to media reports. In it he announced the possibility of an accident.

Since Monday night, Emiliano Sala (28) missed every path. The plane where the Argentine footballer disappeared from the radar. Now out: The Ligue 1 season's fifth best goalscorer should send a message from the plane.

"I am here on the plane, which seems to be falling apart now, and I am on my way to Cardiff," he said in an audio file published on Tuesday night. "If you don't hear from me in an hour and a half, I don't even know if they ever sent someone to look for me, because they won't find me anyway. Then you already know. Father, I'm very scared."

The player's father, Horacio Sala, confirmed the authenticity of the record for about one minute for the famous Argentine newspaper "Clarín". In the background, the sound of the engine can be heard. Although his worries are clear, soccer players don't panic, but are rather tired. Sala even yawned several times.

On Wednesday, the search will continue

Propeller aircraft disappeared from radar on flights from French Nantes to Cardiff in England across the English Channel – many of which showed an accident on Tuesday. Emergency officers look for debris at sea level and from the air. "There are no signs of the plane," the police said. After sunset, the temporary search is interrupted. That must be continued on Wednesday morning. (SDA / man)


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