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Pop star Beatrice Egli for her parents' divorce

Separation and still family: Parents of pop star Beatrice Egli (30) have divorced in the spring.

Hurt, the theme is Beatrice Egli (30) singing in her hits again and again. Even in the perfect world of hit songs, it's not always about "pure joie de vivre", which also applies to Egli personally. This March, parents of the butcher's daughters from Pfäffikon SZ divorced. As written "Glückspost", the Egli couple has been secretly separated for ten years.

"That's not true. I was really disappointed," said Ida Egli (54) yesterday when visiting BLICK at a butcher in the village square. He looks moving, tears are in his eyes. "I know the truth. And the fact is my ex-husband, Bruno, lived in Pfaffaffikon until three months ago. We share not only houses, but also beds!»

Life apart for years

It is true that Beatrice Egli's father no longer worked in the family business for ten years. "He has a canteen and sells spices." Family happiness does not suffer from separation. "Everyone is behind everyone here. For years you have lived separately as a couple. But we are still Beatrice's parents and our two sons. We are just like family before."

Proud of being the mother of pop star Beatrice, that the separation has taken place peacefully on the stage. There was no sound in it, there were no reciprocal charges: "After 33 years, we actually divorced without a lawyer in that round. Even though we have the same property. That says it all.»

Even holidays can still be spent together. "For my birthday in the fall, we all flew to Porto for three days with my ex-husband, Bruno," said Ida Egli. Even the famous daughter, Beatrice, drove for a day to Portugal to celebrate her mother.

Heal the family world

Ms. Egli vehemently denies the allegations of "luck posts" that someone has falsified the ideal of the family world so as not to endanger the climbing of steep girls into the sky. Star Beatrice began to shine in 2013.

Dieter Bohlen (64) "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" won unknown talent from the cantons of Schwyz final with a record 70.25 percent of the vote. Since then, blond women are one of the most popular hit stars, not only in Switzerland, but also in Germany. He can easily follow the big ones, like Megastar Helene Fischer (34).

Pop stars with family spirit

That's why Egli never took off, it was precisely this closeness to the audience and their authenticity that made them so popular. This is not a branded product, but is always completely left to itself. The best-selling book feels most comfortable today in the lap of the family. When he did not take the tour, he stayed at home with his mother Ida and his younger brother Marcel (28) under one roof. For lunch, he sat with his family at the butcher shop, where he used to stand behind his own counter.

Beatrice Egli wanted to find his own apartment in about a year, when he returned from a vacation in Australia and a "Stars auf See" cruise. What matters to him in a future home is one thing: "It must be close to the family." And on Lake Zurich, "I need water".

Christmas celebrates the whole family together

Separation of parents goes well with them, and that does not reduce the harmony of Eglis: "We and will continue to be families who also spend Christmas together and stand together," Beatrice Egli said to SEE. "Are you married or not."

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