PlayStation 5 – a patent for a new VR controller appears, can appear for PS5


A new patent from Sony shows that according to the PlayStation 5, a new generation of VR controllers can emerge.

As reported by the Gearnuke website, Sony has released a new patent for the VR controller for the next generation of PlayStation VR devices for PlayStation 5 provided.

The patent is titled "HIGH LAY OF THE CONTROLLER CONTROL LIGHTS" and has been registered at Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan. The correct image is not visible from the controller, but the concept graph. The VR controller looks like the evolution of the PS Move controller, with illuminated loops instead of analog balls and sticks.

Although the latest version of PSVR supports the Move controller, the new controller seems to be designed from the basis for VR and is designed to be for that purpose only.

The PlayStation Move controller was released in 2010 for the PlayStation 3. So it makes sense that a new generation of VR controllers will be released for the new console genre like PS5.

In the past few weeks, there have been some indications of the announcement of the upcoming Sony console. Apparently, the PS5 can be shown to PlayStation Devcom developers this year and further technical details will be presented.

Preparation for marketing campaigns

Recently, LinkedIn has placed job advertisements for Senior Product Managers for Campaign Management. Apparently, Sony has prepared a marketing campaign for PS5.

PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5
Post Job: Sony prepares for a marketing campaign

Time for the next generation of hardware

The PlayStation 4 is full success and recently Sony authorities have commented on this success. Kenichiro Yoshida talked about the need for a new generation of consoles, so it's possible from the PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5
The Sony boss said it was time for the next generation of hardware


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