Pengutil (24) fled in the Rosenberg St. tunnel Gallen


A 24-year-old man fled on Tuesday night after theft in the St. train tunnel. Gallen. The police arrested him, the train traffic was affected briefly.

On Tuesday night, shortly after 20 hours in the city police St. Gallen is a message about shoplifting. The alleged shoplifter, a 24-year-old man, can escape between St. Central Station. Gallen and St. Fiden in the Rosenberg Tunnel for about 1.5 kilometers.

St. City Police Patrol Gallen secured both access to the tunnel and then drove slowly with the freight train through the tunnel to illuminate it. With success: The 24-year-old man can be arrested. He was interviewed at the police station on Tuesday night.

Because the flight came for a short time to block the railroad traffic. According to «Tagblatt», «Avec» at the station was affected by theft. (PMA)


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