National League: That's how ZSC's debut came from Arno Del Curto


Arno Del Curto (62) returned. But the Zurich lions played like those of their predecessor Serge Aubin toothless and unsuccessful.

There has never been a commitment from the coach in Switzerland to make waves as experienced by Arno Del Curto. In this week's first training session, ZSC Lions not only made the stands well filled, but also saw an increase in intensity on the ice.

The players crowded around. They will do it with each other. But because the new coach was a six-time champion with Davos and very charismatic, they trusted him more.

The tiger celebrates a tight victory

Gagnon damaged Del Curto's ZSC debut

Anyone expecting an emotional firework display from ZSC Lions in the first game under Del Curto at Langnau will be taught the opposite. The people of Zurich played the same role restrained and controlled as Serge Aubin. The insert is there, the hand brake is still on.

Also long passes, which were known from Del Curtos Davoser's time, were unsuccessful. SCL Tigers is a more active, stable and better team, having a largely controlled game. And they used Master's first penalty thanks to a fine combination of Aaron Gagnon to lead.

The Ehlers team knows what it does

And Del Curto? He usually follows the game with his arms crossed. He watched, sometimes making faces. When he talks to the players, he is more like a clear and encouraging teacher than a fiery driver.

Many times he gave brief individual lessons and showed with his finger how he imagined the game. From time to time he played in front of the bank. But playing around? Not.

Zurich's reaction to the goals of the leadership of the Tigers had long since passed. Only towards the middle of the last third of the attacks will guests be faster and more determined. Langnauer revealed several problems with Forechecking ZSC, but cleverly defended himself. The Heinz Ehlers team knows what it does.

The master doesn't have a real chance! Arno, it's nothing! It's still a harmless hockey, like under Serge Aubin. Del Curto has a lot to do. He already knew that. And his debut with Davos in 1996 (0: 4 against the train) and ZSC 1991 (2: 6 also against the train) got into his pants.

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