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Mutant Year Zero – Shortly before release: Trailer shows a new hero, "Foxy"

Wednesday, November 28, 2018 at 9:10 p.m.

Zero Year End "XCOM End-time": Road to Eden will take place at 4.12. published and so far there are only three mutants that can be played to be seen. But shortly before its release, the developers of The Funded Ladies and publisher Funcom introduced vixen Farrow with the game's trailer. Farrow is a creep specialist, fighting in trailers but also with rifles and plasma guns.

Sneak in focus

With his ability he is very important, especially at the beginning of the fight, because the Mutant Year Zero level that is built hand is explored in real time. As soon as the fight starts, it's time for a turn-based system like XCOM – as shown by this demo game. However, you can silence your opponent secretly, without the same thing everyone knows that the fight has broken out. So you can gradually eliminate enemies on the edge before you carry out the main attack. And Farrow must be very suitable for that.

Play Mutant Year Zero before?

Anyone who orders Zero Year Mutations through the official website can, by the way, be from 1.12. Play on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. PC players even get instant access to the demo version which covers the first few hours of a mixture of RPG tactics. In addition, Mutant Year Zero will be released at 4.12. become part of the Xbox Game Pass.

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