Living with the Federal Council: Ignazio Cassis is looking for tenants


Ever wanted to live with a Federal Council Member? It doesn't matter that Ignazio Cassis and his wife are looking for tenants. And don't worry: the apartment is not furnished.

The views of Lake Lugano are fantastic, newly renovated rooms, large gardens and underground parking include: Apartments in the town of Ticino Montagnola, which are currently advertised on several real estate portals for rent, can be seen. But what made them special was not the equipment and scenery – but the landlords: Paola and Ignazio Cassis.

The House of Federal Council is located directly opposite the villa from the 18th century, where the four rented apartments are located. The cheapest – 85 square meters – is to have 1,850 francs. 45 square meters costs more than 2,900 francs. Nearly 10,000 francs of rental income will soon flow into the Federal Board's account, plus several hundred francs for parking.

"Aargauer Zeitung" has paid special attention to the main rental prices. The contact person shown in the ad is Paola Rodini. The Bundesrat couple might deliberately embezzle his second last name – but with contact details that amazed people: The radiologist entered his personal mailing address and cellphone number.

Construction companies must pay for the bus

Cassis conversion has been discussed before. So Italian companies that install car lifts have to pay for the bus because they haven't paid the mechanics properly. Even though it's only about small amounts – but given the ongoing debate (and still today) about wage protection is published by the Sonntags Blick case not without explosions.

But it returned to the Federal Council's rental offer and his wife. It must be held for those who are seriously interested in one more thing: the apartment, thankfully, is not furnished. Since the election of Cassis to Bundesrat, we finally knew the furniture was rather special and especially the taste of the sofa.


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