Lady Gaga trembled amid a concert against Donald Trump and Mike Pence "


In front of thousands of Las Vegas fans, Lady Gaga vented her anger. Shortly after he listened to the piano version of "A Million Reasons," he put down the concert and said, "The bloody president of the United States can make the government work again, there are people who live from salary to salary and you need money."

This emotional explosion was caused by the longest budget dispute in US history that has been going on for more than five weeks. More than 800,000 US government employees have not received salaries for weeks.

A bad example for Christians

But that was not enough, even US Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen managed to get the fat. "This applies to Mike Pence, who feels it is acceptable that his wife works in a school that rejects LGBTQ." They said: "You must not discriminate against Christians, they are the worst example of what it means to be a Christian, I myself am a Christian, and after everything I know about Christianity, it works not only has prejudice and welcomes everyone."

Background: Karen Pence works as an art teacher in a school that excludes homosexual and bisexual students and teachers.



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