Kojima under conditions of development and separation of Konami


Death Stranding: Kojima about the conditions of development and separation of Konami

November 9, 2018 at 14:48:

Speaking to Japanese newspapers, Hideo Kojima talked about separating Konami. In addition, he lost a few words about the current developmental conditions of "Death Stranding".

At E3, Sony Interactive Entertainment's "Death Stranding" announced the latest project by legendary Japanese designer Hideo Kojima.

In a conversation with the Japanese newspaper "Asahi Shimbun" Kojima lost a few words about the work of "Death Stranding". This project is said to have reached the polishing phase called. This means that in practice Kojima plays through games and brings suggestions for improvement. Therefore, various game mechanisms have been put together in the summer of 2018.

Death Stranding: Hideo Kojima only has a two-year game on his head

Hideo Kojima had "Death Stranding" in mind for two years without writing anything. This was reported by actor Troy Baker.

Separation from Konami is still sick

But not only "Death Stranding" is the topic Kojima talked about. He also returns to Konami's separation and shows that he cannot respond to the internal processes that caused separation. However, he admitted feeling disconnected from Japanese publishers as if he had lost everything.

For example, Konami forbade him to use "Metal Gear" for his own creations. At the same time, Kojima admitted that, after parting with Konami, he was now considering retreating for several years. However, people close to him should advise him to start working on new projects as soon as possible.

That's how the idea for "Death Stranding" appeared.

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