Justin Bieber already wants a child with Hailey Baldwin


Justin Bieber wants to be a father as soon as possible. With Hailey Baldwin, however, it looks different.

After the alleged marriage of Justin Bieber (24) and Hailey Baldwin (21), it should now have come to the first big noise. The reason: in terms of future planning, the couple has a completely different view. Bieber should not want anything but to finally become a father, as reported by "HollywoodLife".

"Justin will be happy to have many children with Hailey and really want it to happen as soon as possible," insiders told the online portal. For this, Bieber has also changed his life to the upside. For the sake of a child, this time should also be calm about his music career.

Baldwin isn't stressed

Hailey, on the other hand, shouldn't be in a hurry. "He wants to do more work and achieve more in his career before he becomes a mother, because he wants to be able to devote himself completely to his family," said an insider. For the US model it is clear that he wants to be a mother – but not now. (BNR)


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