Saturday , September 25 2021

Hurricane at Migros due to special marbles

Migros “All Stars” marble campaign has been running since 3 November 2020. The campaign runs until Christmas Eve and means each customer receives one marble for every purchase of CHF 20.

But what is now drawing the ire of many customers, is a special campaign on Saturday, December 5, where you can only get special marbles on that day. As a result, various customers bought several hundred Swiss francs that day. Like Steinbacher Rahel Hochuli, who spent 300 francs and still only received one of the coveted marbles, as he told “20 Minuten”.

The Migros cashier confirmed this by saying that there was not enough marble stock. Rahel Hochuli considered these bottomless cheeks, as he said to “20 Minuten”: “If they say that I get one marble for every 20 francs, and in the end I’m alone with one, that’s almost a cheat for me.”

Migros’ campaign has also come under sharp criticism on Twitter. Many customers will make extra large purchases that day to receive as many special marbles as possible.

Migros apologized for the action

When asked by “20 Minuten”, Migros spokesman Marcel Schlatter wrote: “Migros was surprised by the request. The special marbles disappeared like warm Weggli and so we didn’t have sufficient quantities of them. “

And understand customer anger. But you also don’t want customers to leave empty-handed. If you haven’t received one of the special marbles you can send a receipt by email.

“Migros strives to provide an equal replacement. We are doing everything we can to process this as quickly as possible, “said Schlatter” 20 Minuten “.

On 23 December there should be another chance to receive special marbles.

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