Gabrielle Union: After a few miscarriages, finally a child


Even in Hollywood, not everything that shines is gold.
Gabrielle Union
, 46, know this from personal experience. The actress has been trying for years to have children. Now his wishes come true, even though in an unconventional way.

Gabrielle Union: A surrogate mother gave birth to her daughter

On Instagram, the star announces his baby's luck. "We are no longer sleeping and delirious, but we are very pleased to announce that our wonderful child was born on November 7 from a surrogate mother," Gabrielle said. The day of his daughter's birth was the most beautiful in his life, the actress continued. Together with her husband
Dwyane Wade
, 34, with whom he married since 2014, he held his small bundle in his arms. The pair's bright smile revealed how much they had missed this moment.

He has more than eight abortions

Gabrielle Union had to wait a long time for her first child. In his autobiography, which appeared last year, he revealed, according to the US portal "" that he suffered more than eight abortions. For years, he tried to get pregnant with the help of artificial insemination. Because this obviously did not lead to the desired results, Gabrielle finally chose a surrogate mother. too
Kim Kardashian
, 38, and Nicole
, 51, already has offspring in this way. How nice that the dream of becoming a mother finally came true for Gabrielle Union.

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