Firefox obviously gets a full adblocker


Firefox Clear should get the full version 9.0 ad blocker. So far, Mozilla's own privacy browser filters out trace elements when surfing the internet.

Mozilla offers with Firefox the perfect browser privacy browser for Android and iOS mobile platforms. This free application has active tracking protection that is activated which prevents web pages from tracking user search information through cookies or fingerprints. Because most of the blocked content is online advertising, its function also functions as an ad blocker.
However, in the upcoming version 9.0, the privacy browser will now be extended by a complete ad blocker, which also filters ad elements that are not used for user tracking. This emerged from a report from the Bleeping Computer web portal, which had found a related entry in the Mozilla bug ticket.

As can be seen from the ticket, someone wants to launch a new function first in the context of an A / B test with the user, to get further insight. When the ad blocker must be available to all application users it is unknown.

Updated: Firefox Cellular

Now that Mozilla has released fireworks that are truly new features and technologies for desktop browsers since the end of 2017 with the release of Firefox Quantum, developers are now increasingly focused on the mobile variant of Firefox. For example, open source specialists are currently working on a completely redesigned Android application. And even Firefox Klar continues to be updated, like the recently extended cookie management.

However, the focus on cellular browsers is also very much needed. For too long Mozilla treated this segment as only a stepmother and thus directed users to competitors Google, Opera and Co.


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