Saturday , October 23 2021

FCB-Xhaka about Lucerne frustration: «I don't care!»


Because Taulant Xhaka only saw a yellow card after the emergency brake, FCL fans were very angry. The FCB-Terrier itself is sausage.

They played, they whistled, they insulted Bieri's referee with a song that couldn't be said: FCL fans. They were sour because Taulant Xhaka could continue in the 37th minute after the emergency brake. If the FCB-Terrier does not knock down its opponent In the midline, the FCL striker will go on his own to the FCB goal, Xhaka prevents clear scoring opportunities.

Schiri Bieri still shows only yellow, Central Swiss chefs with anger. "I don't care what Lucerne thinks, it shows yellow," Xhaka said after the match. Very aware that he shouldn't complain about red cards.

FCB goalkeeper Jonas Omlin also appeared: "We were lucky in this scene on our side, but there was also a situation where the referee decided to support Lucerne." When asked if he would stop his former teammate Demhasaj If this would invade him alone, the FCB goalkeeper replied: "Mimi will have trouble after a 50-meter sprint. It will be very interesting to see what has happened."

If you take the form of FCB goalies as a benchmark, then he will put a brake on Demhasaj well. His extraordinary performance against the former club was sensational when he steered Schulz's shot into the post and scraped Schneuwly's head at the last second from a corner.

In short: Without Omlin the Basler might go home with 0 points. And without referee Bieri?

FCB goalkeeper to Xhakas emergency brake

«Demhasaj will experience difficulties after a 50 meter sprint»

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