DV Extraordinary: Will Raiffeisen succeed at the new start?


Raiffeisen CEO Patrik Gisel resigned after 6887 days serving. Today, the bank is informing at an extraordinary delegation meeting about the new president.

For some people at Raiffeisen, the current crisis feels like endless horror. Again new inconsistencies flushed to the surface. Now that Vincenz's affairs have been dealt with, CEO Patrik Gisel's relationship with former members of the Board of Directors was revealed.

After all: With Gisel's initial resignation, all fractions must be swept away, new beginnings are possible. This Saturday, 164 representatives from all over Switzerland wanted to take the first step in this direction at the Extraordinary Delegation Meeting (DV) at Brugg-Windisch AG. This is the main decision of the delegates:

  • Election of Guy Lachappelle (57) as Chair of the Board of Directors: This is controversial, because Lachappelle was previously the CEO of Basler Kantonalbank (BKB). That's the scale like Raiffeisen: The ASE investment with the office at Frick AG is due to illegal pyramid schemes in court, where investors are cheated by 170 million. BKB is this ASE guard. Guy Lachappelle, however, is not the focus of the investigation. That's why he must easily make choices. But does he also get a clear majority that will be needed to unite Raiffeisen?
  • New Board: On Saturday three board members (council members) from Vincenz's years return. Besides them, Raiffeisen Switzerland only has four seats left. It must be nine by law. That means: Five new ones must be chosen. It should work. It is not clear who will be the representative behind Lachappelle. Provisional President Pascal Gantenbein (48) was interested.
  • Successor Gisel: According to "Tages-Anzeiger" three to five names are in the short list, the selection process goes well. On Saturdays but no substitutes can be presented.
  • Cancellation: Voting on legal returns from the Executive Committee and Board of Directors is again postponed. Reason: Internal investigation by economics professor Bruno Gehrig (71) has not been completed. Deceleration voting will take place in June 2019.
  • New wage model: The reason is this became known in the spring of the crisis that VR had received more than 40 percent more wages. Now the base wants to talk more. Delegates voted on the new model.
  • Reformation 21: The aim is to bring relations between Raiffeisen's banks in the state and headquarters of St. Gallen is back in balance. Actually, this is only a subsidiary of 246 individual banks. But this hasn't felt like that in the past few years.

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